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We cover all relevant aspects in connection with the purchase and sale of a property or a property company, and we have vast experience in the rules on right of first refusal in the event of sale and in preparing a sale of all types of real estate. We also have extensive experience in real estate valuation and have a strong network on the Copenhagen property market.

Law of business leases and residential leases

We assist clients in optimisation opportunities, negotiation of lease terms, leases, market rent adjustment, eviction and disputes with suppliers, authorities, etc.

Planning, building and environmental law

Whether you are buying, selling or developing a property, the planning basis is key to both the valuation and the potential. We have solid experience in advising clients on the lawfulness of the intervention as well as the completion of the compulsory acquisition and valuation procedure. Do you wish to expand your existing business lease or establish a new one in a residential property? We have a long track record of advising clients on all aspects of this process.


We have significant experience in the pricing of all types of properties/leases and provide efficient advice on the potential of the property. We advise our clients on the right of repurchase (duty of reversion), which is the right of a municipality to repurchase a property. Based on in-depth knowledge of the market and legislation, we assist both the buyer and the seller in covering all relevant aspects.


We have extensive experience in legal and arbitration proceedings, particularly within the laws governing the rights of tenants and landlords and real estate adjustment, including compulsory acquisition and valuation cases. Gangsted-Rasmussen Law Firm can appear before all courts in Denmark.

About Gangsted-Rasmussen Law Firm

Gangsted-Rasmussen Law Firm offers legal services to the property industry within all aspects of real estate with particular focus on the purchase and sale of properties and property companies. Since 1910, Gangsted-Rasmussen has advised clients on the Greater Copenhagen property market, and we have built extensive knowledge and experience within this area.

We take a practical and commercial approach to properties and property transactions based on in-depth knowledge of our clients’ organisation and business combined with legal expertise and our own experience with property investment. Attorneys with significant experience in these practice areas handle all our cases. We want to be the “dream team” on the Greater Copenhagen property market, because we are dedicated and have great market insight – and we speak the same language as our clients.

Thomas Donatzky

Thomas Donatzky
Lawyer, Managing Partner

Jeppe Wedel

Jeppe Wedel Nielsen
Lawyer, Partner