About us

Gangsted-Rasmussen law firm, whose speciality for four generations has been real estate, primarily focusing on property development, transactions and commercial leases, has since July 1, 2017 – in connection with development and growth – expanded our business areas.

We offer legal advise at the highest professional and ethical level adapted to the customer’s situation and needs, focusing on the three following main areas: Real Estate, Corporate & Commercial and Dispute Resolution.

Gangsted-Rasmussen Law Firm’s history

The law firm was founded on 21 January 1910 by attorney-at-law Christian Gangsted-Rasmussen’s great-grandfather, attorney-at-law, LLM, R.N. Rasmussen, at the address Stormgade 20, Copenhagen. R.N. Rasmussen engaged in parcelling out in Greater Copenhagen.

Second generation

After the death of R.N. Rasmussen in 1943, his son Ole Gangsted-Rasmussen, supreme court attorney, took over the law firm. Ole Gangsted-Rasmussen engaged in for instance rental and owner-occupied properties. In 1973, the law firm moved from Stormgade 20 to the property at Gammeltorv 6, also known as “Stelling’s House” designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen.

Third generation

In 1985, attorney-at-law, PhD Niels Gangsted-Rasmussen took over the law firm. Niels Gangsted-Rasmussen has – in addition to rental and owner-occupied properties – in-depth knowledge of commercial properties and the law of business leases.

Fourth generation

The fourth generation, attorney-at-law Christian Gangsted-Rasmussen, took over the law firm in 2010. Christian Gangsted-Rasmussen has worked with the firm since 1 October 2000. Christian Gangsted-Rasmussen engages in project development, investments and transactions within residential and commercial properties as well as the law of business leases.

On March 1, 2018, Thomas Donatzky joined as Managing Partner, and together with Christian Gangsted-Rasmussen, he operates the law firm Gangsted-Rasmussen.