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Gangsted-Rasmussen Donatzky Law Firm’s history

The history of the law firm Gangsted-Rasmussen Donatzky spans an impressive four generations. The firm was founded in 1910 by the lawyer R.N. Rasmussen, Exam. Jur.  Even at that time, one of the company’s core competences was legal advice in the real property sector.

In 1943, the next generation, represented by the high court lawyer Ole Gangsted-Rasmussen, took over. He carried on the work of the firm, retaining the focus on real property. The firm was based in Stormgade until 1973, when it moved to 6, Gammeltorv in the building known as Stellings Hus (designed by the renowned Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen).

In 1985, it was the turn of the third generation, with the lawyer Niels Gangsted-Rasmussen, Lic. Jur. at the helm. Like the previous generations, Niels Gangsted-Rasmussen specialised in real property and possessed exhaustive knowledge of both commercial property and commercial tenancy law.

In 2010, the fourth generation, in the person of the lawyer Christian Gangsted-Rasmussen, took up the reins of the firm with which he had been associated since 2000. Christian’s work centres around project development, investment and transactions in both the residential and commercial property sector and commercial tenancy law.

In 2018, Thomas Donatzky joined the firm as Managing Partner. Now, he and Christian Gangsted-Rasmussen run the practice, Advokatfirmaet Gangsted-Rasmussen Donatzky. One of Thomas’s major contributions to the firm is his extensive knowledge of insurance law and the law of torts.